Sunday, April 28, 2013

Activate Hidden Voice Call Function of GP Huawei e1550 Modem

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Incoming Call in the Laptop like a Balloon Pop-up near the Task-bar
Do you know that when you insert your sim into Huawei e1550 modem and connect to the internet,the caller  who is calling to your number is hearing ring sound rather unreachable tone ?? Yes, it is and that's why confusion arises that " why you are not picking my call? " Then you say- "when did you call? look, i have no missed call and call divert activated" Then it creates a misunderstanding and thus complexity in relation comes. 

Dialling Status Like Mobile Screen
Here is the solution. Now you can pick call and make call as well through your GP Modem or Huawei 1550 modem with having call log function as well. All you have to do is activate the voice call function of that modem which has been hidden by all operator as operator needs it to be used as modem. However, manufacturers made voice call function and also MMS sending function of this modem by default. 

USSD Dialling Like Mobile Phone

It is also noticeable in Bangladesh that all the GSM operator is using same Huawei modem in their own logo, which means, same modem with different color and logo. So, Blink and Airtel modem has also voice function which could be activate by this process. So let's start the procedure-

Download the Voice Unlocker from this link 

Run it after installing.Make sure that Pre-installed modem program is closed and sim is not inserted. Otherwise the software wont detect the HSPA modem. After opening it click scan. It will then display the details of the plugged Huawei modem like this-

Voice Unlocker Software

There is a option called Voice Feature. In this screen shot, it shows enabled because I already enabled it. In your computer it will show Disabled at first. 

Click the option called Server in the DC-Unlocker software. From here you can enable your voice feature.

In the user name and password field enter these-
Username- free
Password- voice
Then click “check login”. So DC-Unlocker will login free to unlock voice feature. Like this-

Then browse to “Unlocking” section of DC-Unlocker client and click “Activate Voice”. then it will unlock your voice calling feature! icon biggrin Activating Voice Calling on Huawei HSPA modems
Wait there some other things to done in software section too. You need to update your Voice calling version of mobile partner software because 95% of modems come without voice calling Mobile partner version. Download the voice calling version here- 
Now you are going to flash your Huawei modem with this new version. your current connection profile settings will be lost because of new update. And always remember to update the firmware in a steady power sourced computer. Because if your computer gets stuck or powerloss when updating firmware (which will take 5~15mins) your modems firmware will be corrupted. So be sure you have steady power source to use with your computer when flashing.
Run the New Mobile Partner software and it will update your current firmware with voice call and Ussd feature. You are done. Your Laptop microphone will work as mouthpiece and speaker will work as speaker. So, Enjoy calling and receiving calls from your modem while connected to the internet.
Call Log Like a Mobile Phone
If you have any feedback or problem regarding the procedures,plz let me know in comments.
Thank you.